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Bee Pollen Granules

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Bee Pollen is a natural food supplement rich in essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, multi-vitamins, enzymes and a wide range of bioactive minerals.

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Bee pollen granules are flower pollen collected by bees from various flower nectar and harvested by farmers. It comes in tiny little golden colored granules, but mostly the color depends on the type of flower nectar. It is considered to be one of nature’s most complete foods, containing nearly all nutrients required by humans including more than 20 essential amino acids, complete range of B vitamins, over 30 bioactive minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, boron, zinc and more. It stimulates the growth and repair of the body including the blood, nervous and immune system. Bee pollen contains high amount of antioxidant called rutin and is said to have healing properties including stress alleviation.

Bee pollen granules can be added to any diet, providing key nutrients to our body. It should not be cooked but can be added to cooked meals. Also, it can be added to hot lemon, tea or coffee. Bee pollen is the perfect topping for yogurt, smoothie, and salad. Bee pollen can also be mixed with honey or virgin coconut oil to apply as a face mask for healthy skin.


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