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Apple Cider Vinegar (raw with mother) 500ml


Raw Apple cider vinegar (ACV) fermented from organic apples from Jumla (far west Nepal). Contains mother culture (ACV SCOBY) with tons of beneficial microbes. Unpasteurized and by default organic.

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Our apple cider vinegar (ACV) is made by only fermenting organic apples from upper Karnali region (Far west mountains of Nepal). We do not use any other apples from anywhere else. ACV has multiple proven benefits ranging from fat loss to increased brain function. But to harness all these benefits of ACV one should have an access to best quality of ACV possible. So, we came up with live unpasteurized ACV with mother culture fermented by fermenting only, organic by default, apples from Jumla and surrounding areas. Our ACV is fermented on Stainless steel drum and bottled on a glass jar so, there is a minimum chance of plastic toxins contamination. Key ingredients in raw ACV is acetic acid, enzymes, and live probiotics.

Color of raw apple cider vinegar may not always be same as shown on the picture. Depending on apples and fermentation process, color may range from dark organce to light yellow. Flavor of the vinegar may also not be always the same due to different taste of apples and fermenting seasons.

Direction of use:

Mix about 10ml of ACV with few pinches of Himalayan pink salt in a glass of cold or lukewarm water to drink once a day, ideally on empty stomach.


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