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  • Apple Cider Vinegar (raw with mother) 500ml


    Raw Apple cider vinegar (ACV) fermented from organic apples from Jumla (far west Nepal). Contains mother culture (ACV SCOBY) with tons of beneficial microbes. Unpasteurized and by default organic.

  • Himalayan Arabica Coffee

     700.00 1,300.00

    Slow and medium roasted Arabica coffee beans grown in outskirts of Kathmandu valley around southern Lalitpur.

  • Himalayan Pink Salt

     95.00 210.00

    Pure Pink Salt sourced either from Nepalese local mountains or from Khewar salt mine in Pakistan and manually ground crystal (2mm to 7mm). No anti-caking agent (sodium aluminium silicate) used. Chemical free, non-iodized. Naturally has all known minerals.

  • Quinoa (Triple-Washed)

     300.00 720.00

    A slow carb diet high in excellent dietary fiber, proteins, and minerals.

  • Wild Cliff Raw Honey

     695.00 2,500.00

    Raw honey produced by himalayan giant bees (Apis dorsata laboriosa) and collected by indigenous Gurung tribes of the mountains.

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