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Frequently Asked Questions

JUAS store is an online health foods and health related accessories retail store in Nepal. We focus mainly on superfoods and ketogenic foods. Superfoods are those foods containing higher concentration of nutrients and antioxidants compared to conventional foods. Ketogienic foods are those foods that help your body to stay in nutritional ketosis state. JUAS is a short form of our registered company i.e. Jiva Urban Agriculture Systems Pvt. Ltd.

100 years ago before the industrial revolution, every food was organic. These days term ‘organic’ has been misused and overused. Many already certified organic products may not necessarily be high in nutrients and many high nutrient wildcrafted products cannot be certified organic.  Certifying any product organic is not an easy process and increases the final product cost substantially. All of our products may not be certified organic but are definitely healthy. We strive to source only the highest quality products that are by default organic or wildcrafted. So, you can be rest assured.

Our products come from various parts of Nepal and around the world. We only source product after doing extensive research about its origin and quality. We only sell produce that we ourselves regularly consume.

Currently we only have online store. If you want to see our products then please visit our office at Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur, Nepal.